The human being is my centre of attention. The actual law case is no exercise in a university course, it hits the client with all its might as employer, employee, spouse, German, foreigner, rich, poor, old, ill, optimistic, overworked, relaxed, etc. The same holds true for undertakings.

So the social and economic circumstances have to be taken into consideration. What is the use of long and expensive court proceedings, if the "winner" has no friends any more and nobody wants to hire him or do business with him? Some clients are financially or emotionally unable to stand a difficult trial. In the end I sometimes have to counsel my clients not to take any legal measures, although their pretensions are well-founded.

I don’t advocate a case for the sake of the law, but for my client. Only if his well-being has been served best, I have fulfilled my task.

As a consequence of my approach, I don’t approve of anonymous law firms or electronic files. I like to know my clients.